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How to Get Started

The "Community College Program Finder" below will help you pick out up to five Community College programs you'd like to see data about. Use the controls at the top of the tool to filter for the campuses, subjects, or credentials you're interested in. Once you locate the program you want, click its Add button to add it to "Your Program Selections" on the left. Then click the "View Outcomes" button to see detailed information about those students. Added a program by mistake? You can remove it with its Remove button.

Keep in mind that programs with fewer students will be more likely to have data suppressed to protect student privacy. Some tips for avoiding data suppression:

  • Choose "All Community Colleges" rather than a specific college
  • Choose "All Subject Areas" rather than a specific subject
  • Instead of using a Subject Area with a five-digit curriculum code, use its two-digit parent. For more information, view a list of codes.

Community College Program Finder

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